10 ways to design a PowerPoint that doesn’t suck using standard fonts ONLY!

You may have heard people say; “Standard fonts are boring!”, “Standard fonts suck!” and “Never use standard fonts again!”. While I agree that the standard way in which PowerPoint displays ‘standard’ fonts are boring; I don’t think using custom fonts are always a practical solution. See how to design a PowerPoint that doesn’t suck using standard PowerPoint fonts!

Make Prezi Better

5 Prezi Features we want to make Prezi better!

The problem is that this happens quite a lot with Prezi. People have unrealistic expectations of Prezi. This is probably because some people foolishly referred to it as the PowerPoint killer, which is obviously not true and a comment spawned from true ignorance. This does not appear to make Prezi better but instead, it seems they are kind of content with their presentation software.

What is Prezi? – The Prezi Way of Presenting

Presenting with Prezi is a completely different experience – both for the presentation designer and the people you are presenting to. Leave your custom Photoshop and Vector graphics outside the door and use the tools as Prezi presents them to you.