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What it takes to be a presentation designer

So you want to be a presentation designer

Let’s be honest, most people hate sitting in presentations MOST of the time and who can blame them? We have all been subjected to death by bullet points. The same dreary, uninteresting, long and painful attempts to convince us to change our ways, buy something new or get involved with a project.

There is another kind of presentation that gets everyone excited, where we give or receive a standing ovation. A presentation so great that it compels people to get up and literally cheer each other up.

The perfect pitch

The ultimate pitch is what got me excited to pursue my career as a creative director in advertising. A pitch so great that the client has all but signed the paperwork. This happens about once or twice a year if you are really good and only if you are confident in what you are presenting.

To be confident in your pitch, whether it is an ad pitch or an investor pitch, everything has to be 100% perfect.

To do this, you need the best presentation designer on your team.

There are many people who think they know how to put together a knockout presentation, but, unfortunately, the general discontent with people sitting through those presentations – proves otherwise.

Why do people become specialized in presentation design?

  1. They love the story of the perfect pitch
  2. You are always subjected to something new
  3. The type of clients that are willing to pay someone money to do a presentation often want a kickass presentation
  4. Shorter turnaround and higher returns
  5. Get insights into new ventures and ideas (Kickstarter, Investor pitches, etc.)

So what does it take to be a presentation designer?

  1. You have to love being a presentation designer, and you have to see how important your creativity is in delivering a great pitch because your client depends on it.
  2. Love a good narrative – the best presentations have an authentic story.
  3. You must have great design experience.
  4. Have a natural ability to shorten and simplify copy.
  5. Have an eye for the aesthetic.

If you are considering the start of your career as a presentation designer, there are many places where you can start to see if this really works for you. I recommend, but there are various other freelancer platforms available to the modern freelance presentation designer.



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