Official list of approved PowerPoint system fonts for PC and Mac with Previews

Here is the full list of fonts with previews that are approved system fonts you can use in your PowerPoint presentation/template without having to worry about your font not showing or loading properly.


Font NamePlatformPreviewRecommendation
ArialCross PlatformYes
Arial BlackCross PlatformHeaders Only
Arial NarrowPC OnlyNo - PC only
Abadi MT Condensed LightMac OnlyNo - Mac only
Baskerville Old FaceCross PlatformNo - PC only
BodoniPC OnlyNo - PC only
Bodoni MT BlackPC OnlyNo - PC only
Bodoni MT CondensedPC OnlyNo - PC only
Book AntiquaCross PlatformYes
Bookman Old StyleCross PlatformYes
Brush ScriptPC OnlyNo - PC Only
CalibriCross PlatformYes - But Overused
Calibri LightCross PlatformYes
CambriaCross PlatformYes - Hidden Gem
CandaraCross Platform Yes
CenturyCross PlatformYes
Century GothicCross PlatformYes
Century SchoolbookCross PlatformYes
Colonna MTCross PlatformNEVER Use!
Comic SansCross PlatformThematic Only
ConsolasCross PlatformNice Monospace font
ConstantiaCross PlatformYes
Copperplate Gothic BoldCross PlatformNEVER Use!
Copperplate Gothic LightCross PlatformNEVER Use!
CorbelCross PlatformYes
Courier NewCross PlatformThematic Only
Edwardian ScriptCross PlatformDecorative - Yes
ElephantCross PlatformNo - PC Only
Engravers MTCross PlatformIf You are Feeling Adventurous
ErasCross PlatformThematic Only - Sci-Fi
Franklin Gothic BookCross PlatformYes
Franklin Gothic DemiCross PlatformYes
Franklin Gothic MediumCross PlatformYes
Franklin Gothic HeavyCross PlatformYes
Franklin Gothic Medium CondensedCross PlatformYes
French Script PC OnlyNo PC Only
GaramondCross PlatformYes
GeorgiaCross PlatformYes
Gil Sans MTCross PlatformYes
Gil Sans MT CondensedCross PlatformYes
Goudy Old StyleCross PlatformYes
ImpactCross PlatformNEVER Use!
Lucida BrightCross PlatformYes
Lucida CalligraphyCross PlatformNEVER Use!
Lucida ConsoleCross PlatformYes
Lucida FaxCross PlatformYes
Lucida HandwritingCross Platform Thematic Use Only
Lucida SansCross PlatformYes
Lucida Sans TypewriterCross PlatformYes
Lucida Sans UnicodeCross PlatformYes
OCR A ExtendedPC OnlyThematic Use Only
Palatino LinotypeCross PlatformYes
PapyrusCross PlatformNEVER Use!
PerpetuaCross PlatformYes
RockwellCross PlatformYes - Hidden Gem
Rockwell Extra BoldCross PlatformHeaders Only
Script MT BoldCross PlatformThematic Use Only
TahomaCross PlatformYes
Times New RomanCross PlatformYes
TrebuchetCross PlatformYes
Tw Cen MTCross PlatformYes
Tw Cen MT CondensedCross PlatformYes
Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra BoldCross PlatformYes
VerdanaCross PlatformYes
Wide LatinCross PlatformIf You are Feeling Adventurous

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