The Mega Epic PowerPoint template is designed to be a bold and beautiful no matter what your content looks like.

Twenty plus years of designing hundreds of templates for every type of business imaginable, we have learned which slides are useful and effective to use in presentations. This is how Mega Epic was born.

Most of the time; timelines aren't a few dainty dots on a page - but rather a messy collection of ideas, the team page is rarely a collection of photos with a LinkedIn logo - but rather a hierarchy of information that ranges from education to work history and a short bio, the list goes on.

When a real-world presentation gets wrapped in well-designed template - it needs to look beautiful and communicate effectively regardless of how much content you place in it. We design real presentations for real clients every day and use our experience to make any kind of presentation look great. With Mega Epic we hope our customers will find every single slide useful and we hope there is a customer for every slide.


Versions included:

  • Animated Version
    Elegant animations that will enhance your narrative and pace your story.
  • Conference Version
    With a HUGE footer for your Event #TAG or URL.
  • Minimalistic Versions
    Version without animations and a version without buttons in the footer.
  • 16:9 Full HD Widescreen and 4:3 Standard screen aspect ratios

Also included is a huge variety of custom illustrated full-frontal mockup devices.


Why are Native PowerPoint Graphics Better?

All the infographics and data visualization was created in PowerPoint so they are easy to edit natively within PowerPoint without having to ever use additional 3rd party software. This makes it cheaper, faster, and easier to do the updates yourself.

The video below shows how easy it is to edit the Mega Epic template.


Graphic showing the difference between Native editing and working with standard vector assets in PowerPoint.
One Click Color Change

Make it your own in one click. Change the colors in the Mega Epic PowerPoint template in once click using your own or any preset color scheme.

100+ Color Themes

100+ One-click color themes designed over years of working with all kinds of customers - makes it easy for you to mix and match the theme that is unique to you.

Native Infographics

All the infographics in the Mega Epic template were designed and created in PowerPoint. This makes it easy for you to edit and manipulate those graphics.

1000+ Vector Icons with Search

Search for 1000+ editable (vector) icons, so you can resize, colorize and edit these icons to your heart's content.

Master Layouts and Theme

The Mega Epic template is built with high-quality re-usable Master Layouts for PowerPoint. This makes it easy to make a change across your entire document in a few clicks. PowerPoint templates also help to keep things like page numbers, headers, titles and logo positions, and sizes consistent.

Drag & Drop in Sequence
Drag and Drop your images into Master Layouts in batches that are sorted in the correct left to right top down order. This is usefull for layouts with lots of images - the order in which you select your images in File Explorer will be the order in which they will automatically drop themselves in PowerPoint. This saves minutes of time per layout!
Unique and Useful

We don't copy and change our templates, we build real-world presentations with layouts that we know - are used and loved by the majority of users. We know it can get tiresome to try and browse through a thousand superfluous slide designs to get to the ones you need, so we focus on what we use with our customers in the real world.

Awesome Font Pairing

We pride ourselves on pairing great system fonts using PowerPoint's latest 2020 system font and changing the fonts is done in 3 clicks.

Using system fonts reduces file size and makes it easier to send the PowerPoint presentation to other users.

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