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Create Wireframes in PowerPoint

The Entrepreneur's Wireframe Kit was designed to help you create a wireframe you can share with confidence using only PowerPoint or Keynote.

This will reduce the time to launch your MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and greatly improve communication with your product designers and developers along the way.

Free versions are available if you want to have a look for both PowerPoint and Keynote, Google Slides version on request.

Download FREE Version for PowerPoint
Download FREE Version for Keynote

Native Controls for iOS and Android Design

Editable Native Controls for iOS and Android's Material Design include; tab bar buttons, switches, search fields, and much more.

Wide Variety of Devices

Small screens (feature phones), Regular and Modern Smartphones as well as Tablet and Desktop backgrounds to place your wireframes on.

iOS and Material Design Grid

Includes the native grid for iOS and Material Design. Can be easily switched on and off.

Four Design Options

Includes dark, light, smooth and outlined design versions. Change to any color for all your slides in seconds.

The "Appreneur's" Swiss Army Knife

If you are an app designer, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to having the right tools you need to design the perfect app. If you are a developer, it is getting easier and quicker to write beautiful bug-free code.

However, if you are an entrepreneur who wants to sell their app idea (Appreneur) to investors or get feedback from a developer/designer, then you are kind of left to your own devices.

The Entrepreneur’s Wireframe Kit allows you to get ‘hands-on’ with the design of your app using the tools you are already familiar with.

It was designed to help appreneurs share their app ideas quicker with developers, designers, and investors using only PowerPoint and Keynote (Google Slides available on request).

Full set of Features

The Entrepreneur’s Wireframe Kit was designed by professional UX designers to help entrepreneurs share their apps with designers, developers and investors.

Get your MVP (minimal viable product) designed quicker without having to learn complicated UX software.

The Entrepreneur’s Wireframe Kit is a PowerPoint and Keynote template.

Save time and money explaining your concept to investors, designers or developers with this template.

Each slide is designed for real-world use and is practical and simple to understand.


• 1400 + Master Layouts
• Standard (4×3) and Wide (16×9) Aspect Ratios
• 600+ Vector Icons, easily change size & color
• Title slides
• Break section slides
• Native Controls for iOS (Editable!)
• Native Controls for Android (Editable!)
• Native Controls are fully editable in PC and Mac version of PowerPoint
• These templates are created/tested by professional UX (User Experience) designers in real-world apps.
• Use your own colors or fonts if you prefer
• 7 X Smart devices (Large iOS, Regular iOS, Large Android, Small Android, Tablet, Smartwatch, and Laptop)
• All these devices are fully editable in PowerPoint
• 4 X Theme Options (Light Theme, Dark Theme, Standard Theme, Zen Theme)

Files Included in this presentation

• 16×9 Aspect Ratio – Standard Theme
• 4×3 Aspect Ratio – Standard Theme
• 16×9 Aspect Ratio – Zen Theme
• 4×3 Aspect Ratio – Zen Theme

Fonts Used

• Trebuchet (Standard PC Font)
• Arial (Standard PC Font)

See the template in action

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Download wireframe template kit for PowerPoint

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Download wireframe template kit for Keynote

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